Morphing Spirits

In the era of fake news and alternative facts, the artist is faced with new challenges. How to discern the real, the hybrid, the fantastical to the astute viewer in a way that captures the viewer’s emotions and sensibilities?

Handler, an artist with long experience delivering bold abstract expressionist works to galleries, competitions and exhibitions across the U.S., has created a new series “Morphing Spirits” that addresses these challenges in a strikingly different approach.

Some of these Spirits are shy and will not show themselves to you easily. You must sit, look and wait for them to reveal their images.
The pleasure increases gradually as hidden faces and shapes unfold to the delighted viewer. The sly punch delivered by the artist is the juxtaposition of innocent fun with an undercurrent of mordant humor, or an occasional sinister specter. Viewing these paintings in real time and size, 36″X60″, creates an overwhelming feeling of being encompassed.

How will I convince viewers to spend this long viewing time in front of the work so it will Form A Reality for them?


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